They say the best time for an Alaskan cruise is the day you decide to book one through USA River Cruises (USARC).

We’re super fortunate here at USARC. We’re the hub of a wide range of extraordinary activities centered around crafting small ship cruising itineraries through some of the world’s most astonishing landscapes and vibrant cities.

Now, we’re pleased to highlight a few of the special opportunities available on an Alaskan cruise. Let USARC introduce you to the wonder and wild beauty of Alaska.

A side note (but an important one): These vessels are American-made, managed by American companies, and staffed by American crews. This means that our ship itineraries are packed with adventure as we travel from port to port throughout Alaska without having to also make ports of call in Canada as foreign cruise liners must do. (This is a requirement of the Jones Act.)

That means more time for doing things in Alaska and less time waiting to do things in Alaska.

Our Alaskan cruises are great, and they fill up quickly. Our small ships are modern and comfortable, and the small size means fewer folks on board, which makes for a safer and more enjoyable time for everybody.

Alaska: The American Frontier

Alaska is big. Really big. You probably think Texas is big — and it is.

But did you know that Alaska is the size of two Texases and then some? It’s true.

Alaska is one-fifth the size of the entire lower 48 states. It’s so huge that it’s simultaneously the northernmost, westernmost, and the easternmost state in the country.

That’s a lot of country to explore — and a lot of space to stretch out and breathe in. Onboard a cruise ship, you can get a good glimpse of a portion of this great land. And with scheduled shore excursions, you can get up close and personal.

Alaskan Cruises

In 2018, USARC started booking trips to Alaska during early spring. That’s a time of year in which it’s still quite cold up north. However, it’s a tremendous time to visit since one can often see, feel, and sense the changing of the seasons. What a joy it is to watch the landscape come alive as you cruise past aboard the ship.

Those early spring trips represented something new for us and our passengers. This was back in 2018. Since then, we’ve continued to expand our Alaskan itineraries so that there is truly something for everyone.

Consider just two of our exciting Alaskan cruises.

Glacier Country

You can’t get much closer to the astonishing sites of Alaskan glaciers unless you decide to climb one. (We don’t recommend that.)

With our Glacier Country package, you’ll spend an entire day traversing Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve.

You’ll also get a chance to explore the Tongass National Forest, and kayaks, paddleboards, and other aquatic conveyances will be at your disposal.

It’s eight glorious days of adventure and sightseeing — a roundtrip that begins and ends in Juneau.

Alaska Inside Passage

A once-in-a-lifetime trip (unless you go more than once!). Hop aboard the American Constellation and spend 14-nights cruising from Seattle to Juneau (or vice-versa). We’re pretty sure you’ve never seen the coastline of Alaska quite like this!

With fishing villages, gorgeous sites, and welcoming towns, you’ll get the best of both worlds (the land and the sea) on this trip.

One of many unforgettable moments you’ll experience: Exploring some of Glacier Bays 3.3 million acres. Keep an eye out for whales, orcas, bears, and bald eagles.

Fishing, hiking, kayaking, looking for wildlife and glaciers, or just relaxing, eating, and gazing at the sights as they roll past your stateroom window. Every Alaskan cruise has something special to recommend it. And with 6,600 miles of coastline, there’s plenty of special to go around.

The American Constellation, like all the ships that form the backbone of our adventurous enterprise, is a wonder of technology and comfort. It features the largest staterooms in the small ship industry, including private balconies in many cabins. It’s also designed to provide our guests with plenty of onboard activities: exercise areas, putting greens, and lounges for a little R&R between excursions.

And while all the small ships are magnificent in their own way, the Constellation is a good example of what it’s like to experience Alaska onboard one of our cruisers.

USARC takes care of all the details. Let us create an all-inclusive trip for you and your family and friends.