DonavanOur agent, Donavan, recently went on a big ship cruise with friends. And when he came home, all he could talk about was big vs small ships. It took riding on a big ship again to remind him why he prefers the small ships. And a big difference can be demonstrated with this picture – that’s how far away from port a big ship has to dock sometimes! A small ship can come right up to the dock, or sometimes just let everyone off on the shore itself. We talk all the time about why small ships are a better value, but its good to be reminded why sometimes.

What’s included on ALL of our small ship cruises, but NOT on large ocean cruises:

  • Soda, bottled water, specialty coffees, and alcohol with captain’s dinners (This was probably what Donavan complained about the most! He had issues with seasickness, and was drinking a lot of soda – it was spendy, and a hassle to purchase. Also, the free tap water did not taste good, so he bought the $5 bottles of water…)
  • Educational programs, including historians, naturalists, local guides, park rangers and more.
  • Open seating for dinners
  • Short lines on embarkation and disembarkation (because standing in line with 5000 people is not pleasant!)
  • NO formal nights
  • All-American crews on our American river cruises

What’s included on most of our small ships, but NOT on large ocean cruises:

Thank you, Donavan, for reminding us why small ships are so wonderful!