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Blount Small Ships

Blount small cruise ships all have features specifically designed for the needs of small ship cruising, with shore ramps and shallow drafts (which allow them to sail in very shallow water) to take you on adventures with one mission: ‘Go where the big ships cannot.’ These ships are not designed for the traveler who wants to sit in their room all day – these ships take you to the shores of Belize; to stand in awe (and perhaps subconsciously duck) as you cruise through the Erie Canal; to watch for whales on the Saguenay River, and more. Another unique amenity onboard Blount ships is their BYOB policy – Bring Your Own Bottle. The ship provides the mixers and the bartender, you bring onboard your favorite alcohol, and you can enjoy the cocktails of your choice without overpriced bar tabs. Check out the ships and their cruises below!

Blount has been building ships since 1949. Luther Blount built over 100 ships in his first 15 years in business. But his love for exploration and adventure led to his second business, using small ships to cruise where the big ships couldn’t go! One of his biggest achievements was the creation of the retractable pilot house found on the Grande Caribe and Grande Mariner! Mr. Blount created it specifically for the ships to cruise the Erie Canal, where the ships proudly cruise every year. The Grande Caribe carries 84 passengers, and was most recently refurbished in 2009.

Grande Caribe Deck Plan


Blount has been building ships since 1949. Luther Blount was a master ship builder, but it was his love for adventure that created Blount Small Ship Adventures! Luther’s understanding of adventure, ships, and cruising is evident in his patented bow ramp that made it possible to walk from the ship directly to the shore.¬†Found on the Grande Caribe and Grande Mariner, this unique ship design helps small ship passengers fit in the small places that other cruise lines cannot get to. The Grande Mariner carries 83 passengers, and was most recently refurbished in 2010.

Grande Mariner

Grande Mariner Deck Plan

Photo Credit: Blount Small Ship Adventures