couple-on-small-ships-cruiseIf you’re looking for a vacation that allows you to visit unique islands and cities in an intimate setting, a small ship cruise may be right for you. Warning: the following perks of taking a small ships cruise may compel you to book one. Immediately.

Small Ship Cruising Basics
Our small ship cruises carry 300 passengers or less. While they do stop in mainstream ports, they are also known for exploring other areas, accessible only via river and often less crowded.  Aboard one of these, you’ll have access to little-known destinations, unavailable to those cruising on larger vessels.

Unique Benefits

Get ready to sit back and experience one-of-a-kind customized service from the ship’s crew. Exotic excursions to private islands and beaches and the flexibility to explore these spaces without strict adherence to a schedule are just some of the reasons many prefer small ship cruises.

For entertainment, enjoy an array of enriching options, including seminars and classes about local culture, art, or other distinct hobbies.  Onboard entertainment may include music, dancing, and/or historical seminars, all providing a glimpse into the region.

Small ships also offer you the opportunity to build relationships with other passengers that you will see on a daily basis. You’ll eat together and will often spend time together on the group excursions. Get social with other, like-minded passengers looking for a unique travel experience, and make friends that you’ll keep in touch with for years and maybe even tour with again!

If you’re looking for an unmatched onboard culinary experience, small ship cruises can provide exactly that. Unique menus (with all wine and spirits included) often include fresh ingredients from nearby ports and surrounding areas. Our teams of private chefs are known for their creativity in menu development, and take great pleasure in delighting you with their latest creations.  

Small ship cruises provide wonderful options for a person, couple, or family looking for a journey that goes beyond the traditional cruise line experience. If you’re adventurous and ready to make incredible memories, call our agents today!