Not all cruise vacations are alike. In fact, some are so different, so fundamentally unlike any other cruising option, that comparison seems like night and day.

Still, whether it’s on the deep blue sea or down the mighty Mississippi, a cruise vacation provides opportunities for travelers to experience a once-in-a-lifetime trip more than once!

At USA River Cruises (USARC), we have cruises, itineraries, destinations, and themes that provide a wide range of cruising options and experiences. Let’s take a closer look at a few examples from each of these broad categories.

Cruise Vacations: Cruises

“Cruises” as we use it in our day-to-day interactions with travelers refers mainly to embarkation and disembarkation points. For example, Nashville to Chattanooga, Montreal to Boston, or New Orleans to Memphis.

However, “cruises” also refers in large part to packages of experiences and adventures that we put together for our patrons. Some of our more popular cruises that would fit comfortably into this category include New England Islands, the Galapagos, and Glacier Bay National Park Adventure.

This latter group is categorized this way because the focus is on the collection of sights and experiences along the way rather than a particular city.

Rest assured, however, that all of these cruises feature amazing cities and sights, regardless of how they are packaged together. So if you travel the New England Islands, you’ll be treated to great towns and cultures just as often as you would aboard one of our Galapagos cruises.

Vacation Cruises: Onboard and Off!

Cruise vacations are, first and foremost, about recreation. Now, for some folks, that means rest and relaxation. For others, it means exploration and tireless adventure-seeking. For these two groups, we have plenty of options as well.

For example, the Columbia & Snake Rivers Cruise aboard the American Harmony, a new and modern riverboat, features what might be called leisurely strolls to spectacular sights along the Columbia River as that waterway traverses the Pacific Northwest.

The Costa-Rica-to-San-Jose trip, on the other hand, features more opportunities to engage in physical activities, which can be as strenuous as you like. Snorkeling or diving? Hiking or strolling? Shopping or horseback riding?

And then, of course, there are travelers who enjoy staying on board the ships, and really, who can blame them? They afford our passengers the opportunity to indulge in luxury; the aforementioned rest and relaxation; the shows; the food; the history; and the ships themselves.

The point is our cruise vacations, labeled atop this page as “Cruises,” provide something for everyone. And that’s not just marketing speak. Take a look at the itineraries in that menu yourself. We think you’ll be pleased with how much we have to offer.

Cruise Vacations: Itineraries

Our itineraries are where potential passengers go to find out what they’ll do and where they’ll be doing it on one of our cruise vacations. Depending on the ship, the destination, and trip length, an itinerary can include multiple destinations along the way.

Consider our Great Rivers of Florida trip. Now, the Sunshine State is known for its beaches, and rightly so. But a trip along the interior waterway known as the St. Johns River provides travelers with an insider’s view of the state that few if any Florida vacation cruises can match.

For example, the St. Johns is more than 300 miles long — the longest river in Florida. Trips along this river make stops at Amelia Island, the Ocala National Forest, Jacksonville, and St. Augustine. That’s a lot of variety and a lot of sunshine! You’ll even learn some history.

Or take a look at the brand-new-for-’22 itinerary for the New York City to Cape Cod cruise. For eight days and seven nights aboard the M.V. Sea Lion passengers will be treated to a number of excellent sights.

On this trip: islands filled with fascinating flora and fauna. Archipelagos are packed with gray seals and a marine ecosystem that supports 17 species of whale. The itinerary’s subtitle, if you will, says it all: “Discovering Whales, Great White Sharks, & Seafaring History.”

Long story short: These are long itineraries with no shortage of memory-creating sights, scenes, and adventures.

Remember: The itineraries themselves are bigger than just the ports of call. They are often filled with food, music, history, and the people who call these places home.

So when USARC talks about itineraries, we’re talking about a whole lot of adventures and experiences.

Cruise Vacations: Destinations

Set your mind adrift for a moment, and imagine your perfect river cruise vacation. What does the scenery look like? What do you see when you close your eyes? What is your dream destination?

USA River Cruises, we have destinations that cover the world. There’s no need to limit either your itinerary or your imagination. If you can dream it, we can show you a vacation destination that turns dreams into reality.

Let’s see … how best to dazzle you with our dreamy destinations …?

How about the Society Islands and Taumotas cruise? The Îles de la Société, are a Polynesian archipelago. And anyone who’s ever dreamed of the South Pacific will find much to savor here, including the names of the places, which roll off the tongue like delectables: Huahine, Bora Bora, Taha’a, Moorea.

And throughout the trip, whether it’s above the crystal blue lagoons (kayaking, snorkeling) or below (diving), you’ll learn with immediacy why this part of the world retains its charm and its appeal for people all over the world.

Perhaps your dream destination is less specific but no less attractive. What might you do aboard if you choose to Cruise Europe? Think about how many rivers and waterways there are. How many countries, cities, cultures, cuisines, and climates.

One popular option for travelers to and through Europe is the Cruising Northern Burgundy by Barge trip. Seven days and six nights of springtime cruising aboard the L’Art de Vivre, which holds just eight passengers.

This is serene, quiet, intimate traveling at its most luxurious. Prepare for the best food, the best French wines, and one of the most elegant trips and destinations in our entire catalog of cruise vacation options.

Cruise Vacations: Themes

Finally, we turn our attention to our themed vacation cruises. Here you’ll find everything from lovely Puget Sound tulip farms to historically themed cruises based on locations relevant to the American Revolution.

We book Autumn in New England trips, fall foliage cruises that include Quebec, and horseracing-related trips from Louisville to Cincinnati.

One last word: All of the cruises, itineraries, destinations, themes, and ships that we’ve mentioned here cover just a fraction of the options available to you as a USA River Cruises passenger. There are so many options for so many different types of travelers and so many different kinds of travels.

We encourage you to start your exploration on our website, where you’ll find details about each of our cruises, including fares and dates. And if you find yourself with questions about our trips, our destinations, our itineraries, or anything else, just let us know. We’re here to please, and we’re pleased to help!

We’re serious when we say we have something for everyone. Get in touch with us today, and let us know how best we can serve you as you begin to think about your very own cruise vacation.