Itinerary: New Orleans – New Orleans

Ship: The America

One of my favorite parts about cruising is the food, 3 delicious meals a day prepared for me by a chef! Looking at the following pictures, you might be skeptical about the portions and worry that they are on the skimpy side. While the portions are smaller, there are so many opportunities to eat that I was never hungry, and often over full! The day starts with breakfast, a small continental selection is available for self-service as well as a full menu from the kitchen. If you happen to miss breakfast there are snacks in the Sky lounge as well as coffee and tea. Lunch is offered in the dining room followed by afternoon tea in the Paddlewheel Lounge. My favorite part of the day is cocktail hour in the Magnolia Lounge where hors d’oeuvres and drinks are served. It’s a wonderful opportunity to socialize with other passengers and discuss all the fascinating tours and excursions you went on. Following cocktail hour, a 3-course dinner is served with two options for each course.  And finally, you end the day with evening entertainment where the staff offer different flavors of ice cream sundaes. Delicious food ALL DAY LONG! If the portions now seem too big, you can always order a half-size.

An exciting aspect of this cruise was that I could try ANYTHING on the menu! I wasn’t sitting in a restaurant considering prices, playing it safe by ordering something I recognize. I could try a plate I’ve never heard of, something I usually wouldn’t venture to try from worrying I wouldn’t like it. I tend to avoid Creole and Cajun menu items thinking they will be too spicy, but on this cruise the chef used spice to make the food flavorful without the added heat.

On to my top 5…

Number 5: Strawberry Shortcake


A beautifully presented dessert, this sweet biscuit was piped with cream and topped with local Ponchatoula Strawberries.

Number 4: Baked Goat Cheese


Served at cocktail hour, this baked goat cheese was heavenly and I ate more than my fair share. It was difficult to stop eating it, but dinner came quickly and there was more food to be had.

Number 3: Scallop Appetizer


The only thing that could’ve improved this dish was more scallops!

Number 2: Surf and Turf


The fanciest main course of the cruise was served on the last night, and my eyes lit up when I read “crab stuffed lobster.”

Number 1: Pork Po’boy


Probably the least appetizing looking dish of the whole trip, it was actually the most delicious item! I even ordered it reluctantly, I didn’t like the other option being served, proving to me that big surprises come in small packages, even sandwiched between white bread!

Looking through my pictures I realized that narrowing the selection to 5 was going to be difficult. I enjoyed the food immensely and will share a few more photos of honorable mentions. Andouille sausage was a favorite of mine and a staple throughout the cruise, making it into rice, gumbo, and stews.  Craw fish and catfish were also commonly seen on the menu in cakes, pasta, and rice.  Two pies I can’t forget to include are Bourbon pecan pie and sweet potato pie that were sweet finishes to the day!


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