Passengers searching for the best, most delightful, and most re-invigorating scenic river cruises have much to choose from with USA River Cruises.

We offer scenic river cruise itineraries to, through, in and around the Great Lakes, the Columbia River, and the Mississippi River.

Let’s take a look at each of these destinations.

Great Lakes 

The Great Lakes of North America (less commonly known as the Laurentian Great Lakes) are made up of lakes Superior, Huron, Michigan, Erie, and Ontario (from largest to smallest).

Lake Michigan is entirely in the United States — the largest lake within one country, in fact. (The other four Great Lakes straddle the U.S./Canada border.)

By surface area, Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in the world.

Together, the Great Lakes comprise the Great Lakes Waterway and contain 21% of the world’s surface freshwater by volume.

With all that water to ply, it’s no wonder that the Great Lakes provide ample freshwater cruising opportunities.

And although it may seem odd at first glance to list a bunch of lakes in a blog post about scenic river cruises, it actually makes perfect sense. The Great Lakes area is also made up of great rivers!

Cruising the Great Lakes

Our small-ship Great Lakes cruises explore them all, with plenty of adventure both in the city and out in nature.

Consider the following multi-night cruises:

There are so many more scenic cruises across the Great Lakes! And no matter which trip you choose, you’ll be wined, dined, and entertained along the way. We offer not just all-inclusive luxury from the moment you step aboard, but also exclusive scenic trips and guided tours, extraordinary dining options and dining venues, and our one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art cruising vessels.

No doubt about it: You’ll enjoy ultimate luxury with USA River Cruises.

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Columbia River

No trip to the bountiful Pacific Northwest is complete without a trip along the powerful Columbia River.

Follow in the footsteps (boatsteps?) of Lewis and Clark. With a wide range of scenic river cruise options, you’re sure to find something perfect for you and your travel mates.

USARC cruises the Columbia River with a fleet of wonderful small ships carrying as few as six passengers or as many as 250.

Cruising the Columbia River

For example, two of our most popular cruises:

  • The American Empress offers an 8 night cruise on the Columbia from Vancouver, Washington, to Astoria, Oregon, on the edge of the spectacular Pacific Ocean. In addition, you will travel the awesome Columbia River Gorge on your way to Hood River, Oregon, and The Dalles, Oregon. You’ll also get to visit Portland on your way to disembarking.  
  • The Journey on the Columbia & Snake Rivers (7 nights) is a cruise aboard the National Geographic Sea Bird for those that love the outdoors and  sweeping landscapes. There is something for everyone on this cruise where you’ll visit the Maryhill Museum of Art – arguably the museum set in the most beautiful natural setting anywhere – as well as the frontier town of The Dalles, kayaking on the Palouse River, The Western Antique Airplane and Automobile Museum, Multnomah Falls, and a jet boat ride in Hells Canyon.
  • The Rivers of Wine and Adventure on board the Wilderness Legacy offers a 7-night cruise with a focus on the famous eastern Gorge wine region. With over 120 wineries in the Walla Walla region and an additional 90+ in the Yakima region, this area knows its wine! Be treated to fabulous wines, amazing gourmet meals, and throw in some adventure on the water including the opportunity for some white water rafting on the Deschutes River or hiking to Rowena Plateau for spectacular Gorge views.

Waterfalls, vineyards, snow-capped volcanoes, chasms and canyons … you won’t soon forget the scenic experiences of a Columbia River trip.

And the wildlife? Well, the wildlife is simply wild! The Columbia River is home to innumerable species of fish, sea lions, birds, reptiles and more.

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Lower Mississippi

Prepare to be dazzled! Our Lower Mississippi River trips, as well as our cruises along the Upper Mississippi, are filled with diverse and culturally rich historical, musical, and culinary delights! And we haven’t even mentioned those cruises which take in the whole of the Mississippi in one trip! (Minneapolis to New Orleans, anyone?)

Our scenic river cruises along the Mississippi River feature amazing food and ample ways to relax and unwind. Plus, our cruises are staffed by expert crews of customer service specialists.

Cruising the Mississippi

What’s on your dream Mississippi River itinerary?

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