Charmed by the mighty Mississippi River? Our USA River Cruise agents are ready and waiting to help you plan an American river journey like no other.

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The Mississippi River is filled with diverse, culturally rich regions that promise historical, musical, and gustatory experiences unlike those found anywhere else in the world.

For this reason, our cruises are customized to suit the experience you are seeking — whatever that may be.

Are you a Civil War history buff? Do you treasure the writings of Mark Twain? Or do you seek a Mardi Gras full of dance, color, and delicious food? Prefer small towns and Southern hospitality?

No matter what aspect of this mighty river and its many facets appeals to you, we have the cruise of your dreams.

With ports of call that span the region — from St. Paul, Minnesota, (for our Upper Mississippi river cruises) to New Orleans, you’ll feel like the king and/or queen of the Mississippi.

Explore from St. Louis to St. Paul to St. Francisville — and points both north and south — with USA River Cruises on one of our quintessential American cruise line adventures!

Your Lower Mississippi Itinerary

You’ll enjoy between six and 22 days of fabulous food, music, camaraderie, and relaxation. Sit on the deck of one of our gorgeous paddle wheelers. This fantastic mode of travel slows life down and allows you to soak up every ounce of beauty along this iconic body of water.

Consider just a few of our fabulous Mississippi cruises: New Orleans to Memphis.

If you arrive in New Orleans a few days before the cruise launches, you have the opportunity to fully explore and experience the wealth of cultural amenities that abound in the Big Easy, including:

The Garden District: A fabulous and historic neighborhood, filled with oak-lined boulevards, grand mansions, and, of course, lush gardens. It’s also the location of the famed Lafayette Cemetery, which is the final resting place of several historical figures, including John Howard Ferguson, who was the defendant in the Supreme Court’s Plessy v. Ferguson decision that established the “separate but equal” doctrine that was later overturned in the 1950s.

French Quarter: No trip to New Orleans is complete without at least a walk-through of the famous district. Here you’ll find Bourbon Street — the beating heart of Mardis Gras — and Jackson Square, where ceremonies marking the transfer of the Louisiana Purchase territory from France to the United States took place in 1803.

Once you board our magnificent cruise ships, you’ll get to explore both the history and the modern amenities of the Big Muddy — as the Mississippi is sometimes called. You’ll cruise from New Orleans to Memphis, Tennessee (or the reverse!). It’s Mississippi Delta living at its finest.

Along the way, you’ll visit several more fabulous locations, including Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the state capital and home to Louisiana State University.

You’ll also experience wonderful Natchez, Mississippi, home to indigenous culture stretching back hundreds of years. You can even visit Longwood Plantation, which remains unfinished because workers abandoned it to fight in the Civil War. This is history at its most intimate and immediate.

One last point of interest (among many on your journey): Vicksburg, Mississippi, where you can tour the Vicksburg National Military Park and see for yourself artifacts of early American history, including gunboats and Civil War battlefields.

If you travel upriver, you’ll disembark at Memphis, but there’s a lot more to explore along the Mississippi, including St. Louis, Missouri, just a few hours upriver from Memphis. (Check out our other Mississippi cruises for more info.) If you travel downriver (Memphis to New Orleans), the sights and scenes are just as magical, and the sounds — from blues to bluegrass and rock ‘n’ roll — are as diverse as the scenery.

American Serenade

We want to pause for a moment to make sure our guests know about an exciting addition to our Lower Mississippi river cruises: the American Serenade — ready to set sail in 2023!

It’s fitting that the overture to American Serenade’s cruise season will begin on the legendary Mississippi River. A with her sister ship, the American Symphony, the 175-passenger American Serenade features an updated modern interior design that integrates an elegant and refined aesthetic into our tradition for spacious comfort.

This ship’s interior design was inspired by the geography of the United States of America. The new interior design highlights natural textual elements and serene color palettes.

American Serenade also showcases panoramic views throughout, including an impressive four-story glass atrium in the center of the ship.

And let’s not forget the accommodations. Ranging from a cozy 250 square feet to an expansive 650 square feet, all of its spacious staterooms offer full-size bathrooms, roomy closets, and private balconies where you can enjoy daily breakfast room service.

The new ship also features an onboard fitness center and many spacious lounges where you can relax after the day’s adventures.

Ready to set sail on a Lower Mississippi River cruise?

USA River Cruises: Your Destination Awaits!

Our booking agents are ready to answer any questions you may have and to accommodate any and all special needs.

Each member of our staff is uniquely qualified to customize the trip of a lifetime. Most of us have taken these cruises ourselves and are intimately familiar with every detail of the journey, making us the best possible resource for you.

USA River Cruises specializes in rail trips and small-ship cruises. This means our ships typically hold fewer than 900 passengers — more often than not it’s much fewer than that!

We’re based in Vancouver, Washington, just across the mighty Columbia River from Portland, Oregon. Thus, our passion began locally, with ships on the Columbia. However, we have grown to appreciate river cruise vacations all over the United States — as well as all over the world!

Our agents are friendly and responsive; most have personal experience on board many of our ships. That’s why USA River Cruise agents are the small-ship cruising and cruise vacation experts.

Call us! We’re excited to help you launch your Mississippi River cruise.

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